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Retaking the 'Ateneo survey'

Found this on my random browsing of my LJ, and wanted to take it again now that I've graduated. New things that have been accomplished/new comments are italicized and in blue XD.

(x) eat at Manang’s
(x) learn the alma mater song // Ateneo-La Salle games FTW
( ) lie down and sleep on a bench along EDSA walk // does lying down on Faura Steps count? XD
( ) be a TNT!  // Log ako e.
( ) jog around the campus in the evening
(x) visit the art gallery // It was required. Seeing Lao's paintings was fun, though.
(x) know at least one xerox lady, manong, or technician by name // Especially in DISCS.
( ) itch from higad bites
( ) have taken a crap in school
(x) watch a La Salle vs. Ateneo UAAP game // a bunch of them, actually.
(x) give a powerpoint presentation
(x) study in the Caf Upstairs
(x) watch a T.A. play // required.
( ) sit on the SEC ledge and watch the stars
( ) eat in Full House, Martha’s Kitchen, and Ken Afford
( ) sleep in the lib
(x) visit Mr. San Andres // for a Matanglawin interview.
(x) go to the chapel // for NSTP requirements.
(x) have gotten a pebble stuck in your shoe/slippers in the middle of the quad // yeah. It's very irritating..
(x) cut class with your block to watch a movie/UAAP game // PE 1st sem. Why did I pick a 2-3pm T-Th class?..
( ) have a dorky teacher.
(x) have tried siomai rice // I assume this is siomai with rice, yes.
( ) learn how to smoke
( ) fall in love
(x) actually read the book you keep borrowing from the lib
(x) play cards during your free time
( ) learn to stay awake for more than 24 hours straight
( ) get a boy/girlfriend
(x) take time to read the vandalism in the chairs
(x) do a last minute paper // Fil research paper, anyone? plus tons of other papers.
( ) have spent a lot for 1x1 ID pictures // have a lot of those from high school.
(x) attend a college mass // with Reg and Vic!
( ) play hide-and-seek in the mini-forest
(x) know where the best restrooms are on campus
(x) join an org
(x) allow yourself to make mistakes
( ) got basic subjects
( ) admire the sacred heart statue in the evening
(x) make a video for a project // JSP156 commercial, though my brother did the editing. I did the audio XD
( ) have a crush on a teacher
( ) have gotten a parking ticket
(x) come to school in your crappiest yet most comfy clothes
( ) learn how to use the Bayantel pay phones
(x) participate in school activities
( ) catch the Blue Babble Battalion tryouts
( ) date an Atenean
(x) ride a tricycle on campus
(x) find a tambayan // RLab / Pubroom
( ) admire the marikina valley at night
( ) go drinking along Katipunan
( ) learn how to beg for a higher grade
(x) use your cuts wisely // for cramming! haha.. and job exams @_@
(x) volunteer to be class beadle // Th131 class, and Fr. Dacanay still recognizes me as his beadle. Good job XD
(x) admire the trees on campus
(x) have forgotten about your free cut and gone to that class // because I didn't jot it down in my organizer..
(x) eat in the ISO canteen // first day of college, with my blockmates and our TNT's! MWF ISO lunches were a ritual in 4th year 1st sem.
(x) learn how to cram // already learned that in HS. If you count gaining more 'cramming skills'..
( ) save money to Xerox all of your seatmate’s notes
(x) have accidentally seen a make-out session
( ) check out the Meron Lagoon and Lambingan Bridge
(x) have dozed off in class in Bel right after a class in CTC/SOM/Comm. Bldg or vice-versa // Th141 class in Bel after a Ph104 class in CTC. Bow.
( ) learn how to work with groupmates from hell
( ) perfect the art of parking on campus
( ) had a bad encounter with one of the guards on campus
( ) develop a love for sisig // But I already like sisig..
(x) learn how to pronounce “AEGIS” properly
(x) lost something // tons of school supplies..
( ) used typing rooms at the library // there are typing rooms there?.. again, I say.. there are typing rooms there?
(x) have reserved a classroom, AVR, etc. for a class or org function // org function.
( ) have asked the library for an endorsement to research in other libraries
( ) have lost a perfectly functioning umbrella
( ) have used consultation hours properly
(x) visit the Guidance Office
(x) and Infirmary


Commission review: Green EGL Dress

For my college graduation, I had an EGL dress commissioned by Jaja (jajaneko @ LJ, doroteesweetlips @ multiply). I was apprehensive at first because I have seen negative feedback of her work, but decided to judge the final work for myself.
I was first asked on what color I'd like for my dress, and since I'm more into the dark colors, I said that dark green would be okay. With the challenge of a new kind of color, Jaja's resulting sketch looked simple but beautiful and classic.
Below is the resulting dress, which is made up of two colors of Japanese cotton (thicker than the usual cotton but still not so hot!), and three kinds of lace. I am pleased with the workmanship of this dress, and even my mom agrees that it was well-made. Even without a petti, it is quite poofy.

Most of the detail goes in the bodice, with two kinds of lace, scrunched black cloth and three detachable bows. I'm probably going to sew the bows in later as I won't rearrange them anymore, and the pins are visible thanks to the way the black cloth is arranged.

I've always been amazed at Jaja's usage of lace, and this is no exception.

Even the ruffles at the bottom part of the dress have lace!


The back of the dress is shirred. The green lace is again used here, though I'm worried that it might get damaged because of this kind of usage :O

I only have two hang-ups on this dress. First, it was high-waisted, probably because I measured myself wrong and thus gave wrong measurements. Also, the closure at the side is an automatic instead of the usual hook and eye. Because it has a tendency to open up, I'll need to replace it with a hook and eye later. Overall, though, I am happy with my commissioned piece. It was made and designed well, and it's not pricey!  I would definitely commission Jaja for another dress in the future, but a more casual one.


Yearbook writeup

The following is the writeup that I have submitted to the yearbook committee/Aegis. I decided to share it for the sheer randomness/insanity in it. Enjoy! XD

[Disclaimer: I did not write this, I merely edited this for grammar.]

"The world is full of all kinds of people who tend to fall into categories like hip, geeky, and sociable. There are even those who fall into the category of people who like to put others into stereotypes. There is one girl, however, who can't be placed into these groups. People who have tried to do so will warn you that it will only mean pain. They have tried to group her with girls who lavishly spend money and gossip about others, but she struck their backs with her bare hands each time they did, and with a force that would rival a swung street sign. She has interests that would send chills down the spines of these so-called “manly men.” Her actions in preserving the environment would make Captain Planet shed tears of profound joy and her thriftiness would let her accumulate enough wealth to end world hunger. Her readiness to do anything (especially those involving food) would make the A-Team look like the Old-Team. Is it truth or fiction? Could such a woman among women really exist that would transcend the bounds of a global culture full of stereotypes and stereotyping people? The truth is as what you have read and those who share a bond of friendship with her are those who believe the reality before their eyes. What about you? Can you accept the Truly Incredible Nature of Tin?"

Birthday wishlist!

Since Paula posted a wishlist on her Multiply, I wanted to make one too despite my birthday being a few weeks away. So here's my material and immaterial wants for the start of my third decade of life (20!).

1) Girl dates. Ma'am Jess, Niki, and Kim; Jean; Paula; and Mom. I think I've been hanging out with guys too long XD

2) The Vern/Nick/Tin epic cosplay birthday party! We've been planning it for a long time, but it's still that -- plans.

3) Sewing lessons. As I want to be able to make my own clothes, these would definitely help.

4) Laptop battery charger.. so I can use my beloved tin.laptop (yes, not a very creative name..) again! Live, laptop, live!

5) A nice cake. As in not the "instant"/default cakes. I'm thinking of either a picture cake or a themed cake. GyakuSai, anyone?

6) A nice Steve Berry/Michael Crichton book. Mystery/scifi FTW!

7) Freecut in Philo & Theo on my birthday (or heck, no classes!) I do want a stress-free Tuesday!

8) Something fun from my friends, like those three Heineken cans from last year (which I haven't drank yet) XD

9) No calamities near my birthday! Milenyo and Ondoy happened around that day..

10) Cyma roka salata + souvlaki = <3

11) External HD for more virtual space!

12) Cosplay stuff. I need pink-tinted, white-framed shades! :O

Whew, that was fun XD

Before our 2nd 161 long test..

I didn't know that we didn't have Philo last week, so I went to school early on Tuesday. With the three hours before my 2nd 161 long test, I was able to think of a lot of random stuff!


Nicko, a Philo classmate (and therefore a JTA student) was computing for his expenses when he was in Germany. The OAA required that list, so he was trying to recall how much he spent on his stay. I also wanted to compute just how many hundred thousands of pesos were spent in my four months in France, so I converted my estimated expenses there. It wasn't that bad as I expected. One of my companions in Lille said that we should be ashamed to waste so much of our parents' money (she gave an estimate: P500, 000) only to fail in our classes. What I spent was much less than that. Perhaps this just shows how different people's lifestyles can be.


I needed breakfast, so I splurged a bit at Starbucks. I got a waffle with caramel, and caramel macchiato (yes, I like caramel.). P200 gone, but I wanted to try the so-called "coffee house culture", a term that one of my teachers used before when she wondered why people are into working in coffee shops nowadays.

After finishing my breakfast, I tried to study my slides, but failed miserably. I didn't find the place condusive to work, and headed back to Ateneo. Oh well. I tried the "coffee house culture," but I guess it's not for me. Good thing too -- I'm too thrifty to be able to sustain that kind of lifestyle anyway. I just want a room with a table, a chair, and aircon. So far, the best place to study is the Rizal Lib Information Commons (aka. computer room), where I'm typing this entry.


On the way to the library, I passed by our old Physics labs, which were being fixed for the next school year. It made me wonder just how much of the CS student's expensive tuition goes to quality education. CS teachers are generally okay, core teachers will do. But for the other major subjects, there seems to be a lack of competent teachers. In second year, I have experienced two incompetent teachers. One fails in teaching, but weirdly enough, he teaches Math students well. The other is a Physics lab teacher, who just plays Minesweeper on the computer the whole lab long. With these kinds of teachers, there is a lack in the holistic growth of the students.. and a great waste of tuition.


For my first blog entry after a really long time of not blogging, I'd just want to list down the little things that made me feel better whenever I feel down during my short life as an exchange student. I first wrote this list down on paper and tacked it on my wall to nudge (hence this entry's title) me back in the right direction whenever needed.

1) WIF! (Wow It's Friday!, a podcast started by one of my friends) episodes! i love the lols, and listening to everyone's voices :D Too bad they haven't started recording again, though..
2) laundry! it's surprisingly an anti-stress activity!
3) chatting with people on Skype.
4) cooking, especially if the other people in the kitchen aren't noisy!
5) warm baths and soaking in the bathtub. need i say more?
6) eating! be it pasta or snacks, it's fun to eat!
7) watching stuff (mostly anime, wherein I abuse my dorm's fast internet speed XD). time to finish that to-watch list!
8) having heart-to-heart chats with people :D
9) making lists! to-do lists, to-download lists, to-watch lists, etc.! i don't know why, but it's relaxing!
10) bumming around on the bed, preferably drawing on my journal.
11) soundtripping. yay to Christmas and anime songs! XD
12) window-shopping at Euralille, the only mall in Lille we know of! yay to malls! :D and window-shopping, since I'm not the type who shops a lot :O
13) dorm-hopping at St. Camille, where two of my fellow classmates stay! people there must think that I'm a resident there too! =))

But I guess I'd need to make a separate 'feel-good list' for back here, since it's much more different here than in Lille :O.

random trivia 'bout tin

// Got this one from Homer. :D

Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

1) I'm really left-handed, but I was 'forced' to write with my right. As a result, I'm quite ambidextrous now.
2) I had something like an accident involving a bead. Yes, a bead.
3) I have the tendency to sit like L from Death Note, and hold stuff like him too. XD
4) I always sleep with a blanket because it can get really chilly at night here in Antipolo.
5) I’ve crossdressed thrice, and a teacher thought that I was a guy the first time I did it. XD
6) The latest time I’ve slept was past 6:30 a.m.
7) I used to drink coffee everyday before going to school.
8) My Star Wars books collection amounts to more than 30 books, most of which are secondhand.
9) I do not drink Coke. Other softdrinks are okay, though, especially rootbeer! :D
10) I’ve been using the same cellphone sim card since grade 4, so it’s still the ‘low-tech’ 32k card.

Do I have to tag people? Am too lazy to do it, so anyone interested can get this. ^_^



going eco-friendly

Yesterday was the formal launch of the 'Bring Your Own Baunan' scheme here in the Ateneo, and I can say that I'm really glad that they started to implement something like that. Only the AMPC uses plates or other reusable containers, so that's a lot of styro thrown in the garbage cans everyday. After seeing how one styro everyday could contribute a lot to the school's waste, I ended up bringing my own tupperware almost everyday since the start of sem. Yes, I did start 'implementing' the system on myself before it even started. You can say that I've become quite the environmentalist. ^_^


Once again, I have seen how money is a great motivator for people to go eco-friendly. All food stalls now give discounts of P5 for people bringing their own food containers, but only if the food that they're going to buy is worth P60 or more. That P5 saved per day should be a lot after some time. I rarely buy food worth more than P60 now, though, so I won't be able to avail of the discount.


Although why did I have to forget to bring my tupperware on the first day of the implementation of that scheme? T_T

mash game// from ding!

Behold... My Future
  I will marry pat.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in caloria in our fabulous Shack.  
  We will have 15 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a blue banana boat XD.
  I will spend my days as a BL novel writer, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

fill in the blanks!

from mama kim. ^_^


01• I _____ Tin
02• Tin is _____.
03• If I were alone in a room with Tin, I would _____.
04• I think Tin should _____.
05• Tin needs _____.
06• I want to _____ Tin.
07• Someday Tin will _____.
08• Tin has _____.
09• Without Tin ___.
10• My memories of Tin are ____.
11• Tin can be _____.
12• The worst thing about Tin is _____.
13• The best thing about Tin is _____.
14• I am _____ with Tin.
15• One thing i would like to know about Tin is _____.
16• Tin should go and _____.
17• Tin ____ me.